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Over the past eight years, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) has organized the SNF Conference in Athens.

During these annual gatherings, we’ve sought to provide a platform for participants from around the globe that encourages open debate and in-depth examination of critical and complex topics. Participants have considered subjects such as recent economic crises, the emergence of a social welfare society, ethics in philanthropic practices, the significance of creative assets, sustainability, the refugee crisis and its local and global impact, the importance of ethical and open public spaces, the dangers of polarization, and disruption.

In our initial planning, in 2020, the SNF Conference, would focus on Humanity and Artificial Intelligence. We had invited a diverse lineup of AI innovators, prognosticators, iconoclasts, leaders, critics, and artists—as well as experts in law, medicine, science, and the humanities—from around the world for an unconventional dialogue about AI, one that puts humanity at the center.

While this year due to the global pandemic the conference may not take place in its original form, the forum for the exchange of ideas we have sought to create, will continue to exist, moving to the digital space.

On June 22nd and June 23rd, during the SNFestival’s RetroFuture virtual iteration, we will present a retrospective of the themes and ideas we sought to analyze at the SNF Conference during these past 8 years, discuss how these are relevant today amidst the unprecedented challenges the world needs to grapple with and finally provide a sneak preview of the types of questions we will seek to explore further during the 2021 SNF Conference on Humanity and Artificial Intelligence.

The schedule of the discussions presented by the SNF Conference on June 22nd and June 23rd will be announced very shortly.