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An evening run through the heart of Athens has become one of the centerpieces of SNF Nostos and a fixture on the city’s sporting calendar. Each year, the race takes place on June 23, Olympic Day, starting downtown at sunset and finishing at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC). The race includes 6K and 10K courses, as well as a 1K course for Special Olympics athletes. 

Taking part in the race is free, and participants have the chance to be a part of a collaborative charitable effort. If they wish, runners can contribute a symbolic participation fee—whose impact is tripled through an additional double-match contribution from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)—to help support the work of excellent nonprofits.*

The SNF Run is organized and funded by SNF as part of SNF Nostos. The race is held under the organizational supervision of nonprofit Regeneration & Progress and the medical supervision of the First Orthopedic Clinic of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). Live commentary is provided by iMEdD Managing Director, SNF DIALOGUES Executive Director, and journalist Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou.

We aim to hold the next SNF Run on June 23, 2021 in physical form. At the same time, we are also planning a virtual race, not only as an alternative in case we’re not able to run together in person, but to offer everyone, no matter where they’re from, the opportunity to join in.

Stay tuned for more information on the 5th SNF Run, set for June 23, 2021.

*The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) is a philanthropic organization whose work is making grants to nonprofit organizations. SNF does not solicit or accept donations from individuals, corporations, or any other type of organization

SNF Run 2020: The First Virtual Race
In 2020, the SNF Run adapted to the needs of the moment and went virtual for the first time, inviting anyone interested to run their own 5K wherever they were, supporting 81 Greek hospitals along the way. From June 15 to 21, nearly 900 runners kept their distance from one another while going the distance for a good cause, all over Greece and the world.

From Athens, Lefkada, Evros and Chania, to Berlin, London, Toronto, and New York, they embraced the charitable mission of the race, voluntarily contributing €7,000, which was tripled through an additional contribution from SNF, to support hospitals around Greece.

On the evening of June 23, Olympic Day, an event streamed live online announced the results of the virtual SNF Run and featured runners’ best snapshots from the race. The event was presented by iMEdD Managing Director, SNF DIALOGUES Executive Director, and journalist Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou.

Watch the video from the event here.