SNF Nostos


Panel, Parallel sessions

Community mental health services in Athens: EPAPSY's open dialogue project

Thursday June 22, 16:25, Lobby NLG


EPAPSY (the Society for Regional Development and Mental Health) challenges the medicalization of mental health by offering a holistic approach to treatment. They recognize that mental disorders cannot be solely understood through a medical lens but must also consider the social and psychosocial aspects of individuals' lives. Their alternative model of psychiatric and psychosocial care emphasizes the involvement of multidisciplinary teams working under clinical supervision. EPAPSY collaborates with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to address the specific mental health needs of refugees. The organization also embraces the recovery approach, viewing mental health service users as active participants in their care. They encourage individuals to have a voice in designing their own care plans and challenge traditional and paternalistic practices. Open dialogue is another important aspect of their approach, focusing on early intervention and involving family members as essential contributors. This approach fosters openness, transparency, and togetherness while building a new common language of understanding. Lastly, EPAPSY emphasizes the importance of continuous reflection and improvement in mental health practices, striving for the highest quality of care through ongoing evaluation and learning. Overall, EPAPSY advocates for a comprehensive, person-centered, and socially aware approach to mental health, addressing the diverse needs of individuals while promoting their active involvement in their own recovery journey.