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Dimitris Galanis

Systemic Psychotherapist
President of the board of EPAPSY

Dimitris Galanis studied Social Worker and Management and Administration of Health and Social Care Units. He is trained in systemic psychotherapy from the Athens University Institute of Mental Health (EPIPSY).

He has been an integral member of EPAPSY since 2008, worked in a Boarding House, and at the EPAPSY Mobile Mental Health Units in Cyclades islands for 10 years. Until 2022 worked at the «Franco Basaglia» Mental Health center Center in Maroussi, managing the intensive home-based treatment team, under the principles of Open Dialogue approach, providing a holistic model of care to people in need. Also he coordinated multifamily psychotherapy groups. He was been a manager of the outreach team in the island of Paros for ten years and supervised the self-help group for depression. Also coordinated of the psychosocial intervention of EPAPSY in the hospitals of the Northern Suburbs «PS-Support», during the pandemia of Covid-19.

He is a member of EPAPSY’S Board of Directors since 2021, and President and CEO since 2022.He is a scientific member in systemic psychotherapy organizations and the national organization of Social Workers.

He has been an invited lecturer at Panteion University and at the Post Graduate Study of Social Work, while he has participated in scientific research and publications on the topic of multifamily group psychotherapy. He has also participated in various psychosocial conferences in Greece and abroad as a speaker for mental healt issues.