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Sharon Blum-Melamed

Tel Aviv-Yafo Social Services Administration

Sharon Blum-Melamed is the Director of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Social Services Administration, responsible for all aspects of welfare and public health in Tel Aviv. She manages all policies and activities in the fields of early-childhood education, the elderly, and persons with disabilities, incorporating digital tools to create meaningful solutions for the City's population and communities. Prior to her current position, she held several positions within the Social Services Administration, specifically with the responsibility of developing professional services and infrastructures. She has implemented a city-wide focus on result-driven interventions and data and evaluations. Her thesis focused on the implementation of organizational transformations in social services. In addition, she led the treatment of the victims one of Israel's most infamous cults and was a member of the national taskforce for the treatment of cult victims. Sharon holds a MSW from Tel Aviv University, she is married to Yaron, and she is a mother of 3.