SNF Nostos


Maria Basta

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
University Hospital of Heraklion

.: Medical School of Crete, Greece(1997)
Residency: Department of Psychiatry/ University Hospital Heraklion/Crete (2006)
PhD Diploma: Medical School of Crete, Greece (2003)
Postodoctoral Fellowship: Sleep Medicine [Sleep Research and Treatment Center, Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, PA, USA (2006-7)]
Work Experience:
Attending Psychiatrist in Venizeleio General Hospital/Heraklion/Crete/Greece, in Mental Health Centre of Heraklion/ Crete/Greece and in Department of Psychiatry/University Hospital/Heraklion/Crete/Greece [ 2007-2012]
2013- 2011: Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, University of Crete, Greece, School of Medicine
Current Positions:
1] Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Crete, Greece, School of Medicine (since 2018 -tenure)
2] Director of Departments of Psychiatry & Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University Hospital of Heraklion, Crete, Greece [since 2020]
3] Scientific Director/ Alzheimer’s Disease Day Centre [since 2021]
Publications: over 75 original articles/review articles, mostly in Sleep Medicine (citations :2.640, h-index:24)
Research Activity: has been/ is currently involved in several research grants as a co-investigator/ Primary Investigator with main focus on sleep and cognition in elderly and adolescent-youth epidemiology.
1] European Somnologist, expert in Sleep Medicine
Member of the American Association of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and European Sleep Research Society (ESRS)
2] Qualified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Member of the Greek Society of Cognitive Therapies