SNF Nostos


Gerald Mballe

Member of the SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee
Special Olympics’ first-ever Advisor for the Unified with Refugees program

Gerald Mballe is Special Olympics’ first-ever Advisor for the Unified with Refugees program, helping further strengthen and expand the reach and impact of the initiative. Gerald was first introduced to the world of Special Olympics in 2015 in Turin, Italy as a legally resettled refugee, after fleeing Cameroon as an unaccompanied minor due to several conflicts. His trajectory since has been an inspiration fueled by hard work and a passion for inclusion, equality, and acceptance.  Gerald has been involved in various engagements at global convenings to support the inclusion message including speaking directly to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in early 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland. Gerald is the recipient of the International Sports and Culture Association Integration of Refugees Through Sports Role Model Award, the Beyond Sport 2021 Courageous Use of Sport Award, and recently was awarded a top artistic distinction by the UN Refugee Agency as part of the Youth with Refugees Art Contest.  Gerald is a member of the Beyond Sport Together Fund - Expert Advisory Group, and a member Global Refugee Forum 2023 Sport pledge reference group. Gerald is currently concluding his studies in Political Science and International Relations at Niccolò Cusano University.