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SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee

23-24/06, All day , SNFCC

SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee

In 2022, we are organizing a very different kind of SNF Nostos Conference. In collaboration with nonprofit journalism organization iMEdD (the incubator for Media Education and Development) and with the participation of young people coming from different backgrounds, countries, and perspectives, we are seeking to create an open, creative, interactive, and dynamic dialogue as part of SNF Nostos Health.

To involve young people as integrally as possible, we have created the SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee, a group of young people who have undertaken an active role in the organization of the conference. Instead of presenting what we think young people believe about health issues, our aim is to provide them space to speak freely and openly about their thoughts and opinions, in order to hear their personal and collective perspectives.

The team consists of six young people from different countries, with whom we have had in-depth discussions throughout preparations for the conference, and who will be at the SNF Nostos Conference to actively participate during the event, where we will hear their views on six topics of their choice.

The SNF Nostos Youth Advisory Committee consists of:

Giannis Vassilopoulos, 23 years old, Greece

Joy Ju Fan, 20 years old, United States

Thibeaux Hirsh, 19 years old, United States

Gerald Mballe, 22 years old, Italy/Cameroon

Mary-Ann Nobele, 20 years old, South Africa

Beatrice Nyamwenge Okech, 25 years old, Kenya