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A.I. in Fiction

August 25, 2021, 20:00 - 21:00, Alternative Stage GNO

A.I. in Fiction

This summer at SNF Nostos, esteemed actors Katerina Lehou, Dimitris Lalos and Rafika Chawishe will give a series of live readings of literary excerpts on the theme of this year’s festival, Humanity and Artificial Intelligence.

What do constantly evolving digital tools mean for the future of humanity? Which new technologies will become so fundamentally ingrained in our daily lives that they become all but invisible? In what ways have authors, in creating imagined worlds, helped reveal deeper realities?

In this dramatic reading, acclaimed actors will perform selections from world literature exploring the age-old connection and tension between humanity and artificial intelligence. Directed by Bryan Doerries of Theater of War Productions, which previously brought Antigone in Ferguson and The Drum Major Instinct to SNF Nostos, this theatrical event will present an array of texts—spanning the ancient world to the present—that will celebrate and interrogate the relationship between humans, technology, and consciousness. Using literature and theater as a tool for dialogue and understanding, AI in Fiction will help audiences imagine and envision, not just the future, but the present moment.

* Τaylor Schilling and David Strathairn will not be able to travel to Greece as initially announced.

The SNF Nostos ID is required for this event. Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.
Event opens at 18:30.

Maximum number of participants:273
6 years old and up.

Details of the program are likely to change in accordance with the latest COVID-19 health measures.