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Burna Boy


June 21, 2020, 21:00 - 21:15, Online

Burna Boy

Fresh from Lady Gaga’ s livestreamed benefit concert, rising Nigerian star Burna Boy will welcome Summer Nostos Festival RetroFuture Edition audiences into his home in Lagos for a live online experience.

An authentic and distinctive leader in the contemporary African music scene, Burna Boy gets audiences on their feet with music that has garnered worldwide accolades and awards. From the Grammy Awards and BRIT Awards, to the MTV Europe Music Awards and BET Awards, to his contribution to The Lion King soundtrack curated by Beyoncé, the 28-year-old artist has confirmed a place in the mainstream for his trademark “Afro-fusion” sound. “For Damini everything has always been music,” says the artist’s manager—his mother—using his given name. There’s no doubt that those who experience a performance will see what she means.

In SNFestival RetroFuture Edition, Burna Boy will share a sneak peek at his 2021 Summer Nostos Festival appearance.

Watch the video from the event here.