SNF Nostos


Anna Kynthia Bousdoukou

iMEdD Managing Director, SNF DIALOGUES Executive Director, Journalist

Anna Kynthia Bousdoukou co-founded iMEdD, incubator for Media Education and Development, where she serves as Managing Director. Since 2016, Anna-Kynthia also serves as an advisor to the Foundation on grants related to journalism and she curates and presents the Stavros Niarchos Foundation’s monthly forum SNFDIALOGUES.

During her 13 years of experience in journalism, she worked as a reporter on the radio, and then as a news editor, journalist and broadcast producer, while at the same time she has been a regular columnist in various outlets. In 2011 she was assigned as SKAI TV’s news presenter and until 2018 was also responsible for SKAI TV’s morning news program, which focused on domestic as well as international news, politics, economy, science and innovation.

She holds a degree in Sociology from Panteio University, specializing on the Sociology of Mass Media and is in the team of TEDxThessaloniki, which she has been presenting in recent years.