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Anthi Bousouni


Anthi Bousouni is an 11th grade high school student. During the 2020-2021 school year, she participated in the rhetorical competitions obtaining: 1st prize in the Panhellenic debate competitions for high school students, 3rd prize in the regional debate competition (spontaneous argumentation) for Lyceum students in the Peloponnese and a participation award for the regional rhetorical competitions (exhortation category) for high school students of the Peloponnese.

She has participated in numerous educational activities, such as the school team of the 1st High School of Kalamata in the framework of the “Dancing to Connect” program, the school team of the 4th Primary School of Kalamata in the 7th Student Festival of Digital Creation, in the 10th Student Competition “Play and Mathematics” of the Hellenic Mathematical Society and in a seminar of the SNAG (Starting New At Golf) program, organized by the Navarino Gold Academy at the 4th Primary School of Kalamata. She is involved in kick boxing, visual arts, traditional and modern dances, participating in numerous municipal events, cultural events and dance performances.