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Kristen Slaughter

K-12 School Counselor

Kristen Slaughter appeared in The Trevor Project’s docu-style short film “Learn with Love,” along with her son Kaiden Slaughter. Released in January 2023, “Learn with Love” is an original video series which spotlights trans young people from all over the U.S. sharing their experiences of growing up and how the adults in their lives affected them, affirmed them, or changed them.

In her professional life, Kristen is a K-12 School Counselor who is certified in K-12 Educational Administration. Kristen is interested in social and educational advocacy for children; academic, emotional, social, and behavioral counseling for children, and sports.

In addition to her school counselor duties, Kristin participates as a Student Council sponsor, behavior coach and academic tutor. Kristen is based in Nashville, TN.