SNF Nostos


Duane Dieter

Founder & President
Hero Community Program and
Close Quarters Defense (CQD) tactical training system

Duane Dieter is Founder and President of Hero Community Program - an organization committed to empowering youth, who have negative influences in their lives through abuse, peer pressure, criminality, etc., to have greater confidence and self-esteem by providing them with the skills necessary to make the correct choices in life through activities, mentorship, and educational opportunities. Founded over 30 years ago, the Hero Community Program is based on Dieter’s core philosophy ‘to protect the innocent and those who are preyed upon,’ a core tenet reflected through all of Dieter’s training.

Duane is also Founder and President of Close Quarters Defense (CQD), an internationally known tactical training system, which was established in 1981. CQD utilizes unarmed and armed defensive skills and tactics and has been adopted and taught to Navy SEALs, intelligence agencies, federal and state law enforcement, and vetted citizens in the U.S. and around the world.

Dieter has an extensive history in providing training to thousands of individuals - men, women, and children from a diverse range of ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities. He has not only established numerous community programs to assist youth and victims of violence, but also special events that develop family bonding and community cohesiveness.