SNF Nostos


Panel, Parallel sessions

The role of the arts: Addressing trauma and mental health through creative expression

Thursday June 22, 15:00, Alternative Stage GNO

The session began with Christopher Bailey introducing the transformative power of art therapy. Through his personal experience in Africa and his own journey of losing his sight, he emphasized that art does not cure but allows us to acknowledge pain, envision a hopeful future, and celebrate joy. By training his other senses through artistic engagement, he found solace in the present moment. Naia Kete shared the story of a young man who entrusted her with his abusive history. She translated his trauma into a powerful song, which she performed during the session, highlighting the ability of music to give voice to deeply personal experiences. Tasha Golden took the stage to discuss how art became a tool for processing her own family and personal trauma. She presented a song that had helped her navigate her emotions and shared how different populations often express their experiences more freely through poetry and music, revealing the potential richness of information that can be missed through standardized clinical questionnaires. Lastly, Constantina Theofanopoulou delved into the neural activities underlying speech and movement, specifically dance. She explored the relationship between dance therapy and speech, highlighting how both activities engage similar brain regions. Her research focused on the impact of dance therapy on enhancing speech and how the human brain interprets this connection 

Moderated by Christopher Bailey