SNF Nostos



Masked Wolf

24/06, 20:30, Great Lawn

Masked Wolf

On June 24, the Great Lawn Stage at this year’s SNF Nostos will welcome an international lineup of back-to-back musical performances. Australian rapper Masked Wolf (Harry Michael), one of the most talked about artists on the global rap scene, will perform in Greece for the first time. Hometown favorite Good Job Nicky kicks off the lineup and internationally acclaimed headliner Jorja Smith closes it out.

Masked Wolf has unassumingly established himself as a powerful, passionate, and primal hip-hop force. Amassing over 150 million streams and counting thus far, the Australian rapper and singer unleashes a torrent of personal truths and emotions on his 2021 debut Astronomical.

Growing up in Sydney, Michael found freedom in writing. As an only child, his parents’ divorce hit him especially hard. Mom and dad both relocated, but he opted to stay close to his friends. So, he moved in with his grandparents who had emigrated from Greece and barely spoke English. Obsessed with the likes of Eminem and G-Unit, he picked up a pen and expressed himself through poems and verses.

In 2018, he dropped his independent debut “Speed Racer.” It gathered millions of streams and turned heads across Australia. Following “Night Rider” and “Water Walkin,” he unveiled “Astronaut in the Ocean.” Awash in airy guitar, jagged 808s, neon keys, and deft wordplay, he submerged himself in honest lyricism, facing depression head-on and asking, “What you know about rolling down in the deep?” That one-two-punch of a recognizable riff and chantable chorus organically caught fire online. It incited hundreds of thousands Tik Tok videos.

With more music on the horizon, Masked Wolf will undoubtedly inspire countless others to take that mask off.

“Open up about who you really are and what you want from life. You can always go for what you want. I’m proof. When you listen to me, I want you to know this is authentically who I am.”

Greek artist-phenom Good Job Nicky opens the show, and British R&B-pop sensation Jorja Smith will headline the event following Masked Wolf’s performance. After the live performances, the sky above SNF Nostos will light up once again with a spectacular drone show, followed by a DJ set at the SNFCC Agora, accompanied by stunning laser projections on the iconic SNFCC building.