SNF Nostos



Drone show

22-23-24/06, SNFCC

Drone show

Last year, maybe you were lucky enough to witness the magical drone choreography in the night sky above the SNFCC—the very first of its kind in Greece. This year, the experience will be even more exciting.

More drones will fly in more intricate formations, and all you have to do to enjoy it is look up. Let yourself be carried away by the music and the enchanting images created by the 350 illuminated drones, which, just for a moment, will steal the show in a sky splashed with summer stars.

Start time:
Wednesday 22 June: 22:30
Thursday 23 June: 23:30
Friday 24 June: 00:00

The drone show is designed and implemented by Skymagic in collaboration with View Master Events.

In the case of severe weather or wind, the show may be cancelled.