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Bomba Estéreo

August 25, 2021 , 21:30 - 22:45, Great Lawn


Bomba Estéreo

Bomba Estéreo was founded in Colombia in 2006 by musician Simón Mejía and singer Li Saumet. Together, they created a unique project that would become one of the most sought-after music groups in the world. Throughout their career, Bomba Estéreo has toured all over the world, playing at some of the most important music festivals, clubs, and venues, and attracting millions of people to its eclectic, avant-garde fusion of electronic and Caribbean sounds.

Bomba Estéreo has been nominated for two Grammys, for their albums Amanecer and Ayo, and has also been nominated for six awards at the Latin Grammys, where the band performed “Fiesta” at the ceremony’s main show with Hollywood star Will Smith. In 2017, Bomba Estéreo was invited to tour with Arcade Fire’s Everything Now World Tour, doing 13 shows together across Europe, the U.S., and Latin America. In 2018, Bomba Estéreo reached the worldwide Top 500 most listened on Spotify.

In early 2021, the band released “Agua,” and “Aire” the first two EP´s from their forthcoming album Deja, set to be released in full this year. Inspired by nature, the album will be released in four segments representing the elements: “Agua” (Water), “Aire” (Air), “Tierra” (Earth), and “Fuego” (Fire).

Save the date for this performance and join us as we celebrate getting back to a way of life we have deeply missed.

Bomba Estéreo has been building modern party tunes on crisp Afro-Colombian rhythms…for more than a decade. Local rhythms channeled through electronics: It’s a worldwide recipe for dance music…” – NEW YORK TIMES

From Colombian cumbia to South African house: Bomba Estéreo gets crowds dancing with a new album…” – LA TIMES

Musicians from throughout Latin America combine traditional popular music with modern electronica and rap…the leaders of this movement are Bomba Estéreo.” – ROLLING STONE

The SNF Nostos ID is required for this event. Admission on a first-come-first-served basis.
Event opens at 19:30.

Maximum number of participants:2.423

Visitors are encouraged to bring insect repellant and a blanket to sit on.

*Details of the program are likely to change in accordance with the latest COVID-19 health measures.