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Stereo Nova

2018 SNFestival rewind 

June 23, 2020, 22:00 - 23:30, Online

Stereo Nova

It would be deeply unfair to force someone to choose the single best concert in the Summer Nostos Festival’s five-year history. But if we stared twisting arms, we bet Stereo Nova’s electrified electronic show at the SNFCC’s Great Lawn in 2018 would come out on top of the pile. The brilliant encore will be forever emblazoned on the memory of everyone lucky enough to be there.

It was a concert that had it all: familiar faces alongside new ones, incredible rhythm, nostalgia, exquisite performances, a perfect balance between new and old songs, 2018 vibes and ‘90s vibes, adrenaline, dancing, emotion. Visuals by director Nikko Patrelakis brought together natural and urban landscapes shot across Greece, stars and planets, the trajectories of particles, harmony and reflection, along with graphics and animation from Specials Digital Athens to complete the mood.

If you weren’t there, you missed out. If you were there, you still remember that beautiful performance by Konstantinos.Bhta and Mikael Delta, one of the best in recent years. Whether you were there or not, this is your ticket to be transported back among the exhilarated crowd on the Great Lawn that glorious night.

Watch the video from the event here. 

Konstantinos Vita – Synths, Voice
Michalis Delta – Synths

At drums Petros Tsambarlis – (Six For Nine)

John Lambropoulos: Sound recording
Pavlos Pantazopoulos: Sound recording
George Voudantas: Stage Sound recording
Thanos Kaleas: Stage Sound recording

Lights: Spyros Kourkoumelis

Visual & Video Art
Direction & process: Nikko Patrelakis
Filming: Kostas Katrios, Nikko Patrelakis
CG& animation: Yas Borodin, Iliana Tsapatsari
Production’s visuals:

Production organization: Erodios Live – John Mitroudis