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DJ Decay a.k.a. Cardi Monáe


June 21, 2020 , 21:15 - 22:00, Online

DJ Decay a.k.a. Cardi Monáe

Darlyne Komukama is a Ugandan multimedia artist and a core member of the Nyege Nyege electronic music collective, pursuing original sonic exploration through two projects, Decay and Cardi Monáe.

With Decay, her project as a DJ, she is interested in sharing the joy of the power of the femme. Whatever she’s playing—trap, dancehall, or ballroom—it’s always in service of freedom for the femme body and spirit.

With Cardi Monáe, her project as a producer, she is interested in translating her other artistic pursuits—which include photography, videography, and installation art—into music.

Her music will be released soon on Nyege Nyege’s Hakuna Kulala label.

 Watch the video from the event here.