SNF Nostos



MCZO & Duke

DJ Sets

June 25, 2019, 23.30, Canal Stage

MCZO & Duke

Underground music’s frenzied sounds will travel from East Africa to the Summer Nostos Festival thanks to the unique, idiosyncratic style of producer and DJ from Tanzania Duke, who will be appearing on stage with MCZO. Duke’s sound defies description: it adopts popular Tanzanian advertising jingles and connects them to sounds created in the studio. His style is characterized as the most punk sound of the singeli scene, with an original and aggressive way of encouraging the audience to dance non-stop. Singeli is an emerging kind of electronic music that belongs to the broader range of hardcore techno. It was born in the Tanzanian capital of Dodoma, a city with a decisive role in the development of electronic music in East Africa. Duke and MCZO are piquing the interest of the most influential festivals around the world and are scheduled to appear at Germany’s CTM Festival and at the Intonal Festival in Sweden.