SNF Nostos




Contemporary Music

June 25, 2019, 20.30, Canal Stage


At the height of their maturity, both vocally and creatively, Balthazar are coming to the Summer Nostos Festival after a long tour of Europe and with their new album Fever having piqued critics’ interest. The Belgian band was created in 2004 when its three founding members were still teenagers and immediately won important distinctions and musical competitions. The band say their first two albums (Applause and Rats) came from the mind and their third album (Thin Walls) from the guts. Now up is Fever, released in late January, which “clearly comes from the hips”, as they say with a laugh, in order to describe the elegant quality of the album’s rhythms and the musicality that characterize it.

According to Balthazar, the title Fever wasn’t picked at random: “One of the reasons we titled it that—and used it for the album—is the fact that we turn the temperature up. It became a warmer record, and it feels more Southern in a way, with a certain kind of grooviness.”


Maarten Devoldere (vocals, guitar)
Jinte Deprez (vocals, guitar)
Simon Casier (bass)
Michiel Balcaen (drums)
Tijs Delbeke (synthesizer)