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The Chessboard Runaways

June 23-27, 2019, 20.30, Labyrinth

The Chessboard Runaways

Following a fierce chess battle, the White Queen secretly meets the Black Knight. Frustrated by their monotonous black and white universe, as well as the restricted ways they are allowed to move on the chessboard and bewitched by the piano music played by a little girl, they declare their love and decide to escape in order to explore the wonderful and dangerous world beyond the borders of the chessboard. The White King, the jealous Black Queen and the rest of the chess pieces are determined to capture and punish the runaways. An embalmed Hawk, who stands on a bookcase shelf and awakes only when the chessboard rules are violated, is summoned by the White King and Black Queen and pursues the lovers to bring them back to the chessboard, in order to reestablish its lost balance.

A dream play/opera with music by George Kouroupos on a libretto by famous children's author Eugene Trivizas

Music Giorgos Kouroupos
Libretto Eugene Trivizas – Play based on the author’s dream opera
Conductor: Miltos Logiadis
Director/Choreography: Zoe Hadjiantoniou

Scenery: Olga Brouma
Costumes: Matina Magkla
Real time video performance: Pantelis Makkas
Lighting designer: Giorgos Tellos
Piano solo: Stavros Kollias

With the participation of Philharmonia Orchestra of Athens

Children’s Choir
Leontios School of Nea Smyrni and Municipality of Palaio Faliro
Children’s Music instructor: Katerina Vasilikou

Black Knight: Tasis Xristogiannopoulos
White Queen 23/24/25/26 June: Mirto Papathanasiou
White Queen 27 June: Fani Antonelou
Owl/Black Queen: Eirini Karagianni
Black King/ Green Frog / Beautiful Rat: Tasos Apostolou
White King/ King of Rats: Giannis Kalivas
Nefeli: Xrysa Maliamani
Professor / Pawn / Grandfather Frog: Kostas Falelakis
General/Hawk: Ippokratis Ntelveroudis
Rat: Maria Moschouri
Actors/Dancers: Katerina Zisoudi, Katerina Papandreou, Dafni Lianaki, Hara – Mata Giannatou, Vasiliki Sourri, Maria Moschouri
Music teaching: Panos Loumakis

A performance with accessibility services!
For the first time, the Summer Nostos Festival, in collaboration with the cultural organizations Liminal, presents a performance with accessibility services.
All performances of “The Chessboard Runaways” will be accompanied by Greek Closed Captions (CC) for spectators with hearing impairments, Audio Descriptions (AD) and programs in large font and Braille for spectators with visual impairments.

Available Accessibility Services:
Closed Captions (CC) in Greek for spectators with hearing impairments
The accompanying Greek Closed Captions will include the actors’ dialogue and spoken expressions in addition to descriptions of sounds in the broader audio environment of the performance (e.g. rain pattering).

Audio Description (AD) for spectators with visual impairments
The goal of the Audio Description is the real-time inclusion and participation of spectators with visual impairments in cultural performances. The Audio Descriptions occur during the breaks in any form of speech or dialogue of the actors. The most relevant characteristics of the scene (the sets, costumes, movements, expressions) are explained, for spectators to better understand the development of the plot.

Accessibility Coordinators:
Closed Captioning (CC): Kerasia Michalakopoulou, Gregoris Stathopoulos
Management of Closed Captioning: Christos Papamichael, Gregoris Stathopoulos
Closed Captioning Software:
Script and Reading of Audio Description: Kerasia Michalakopoulou
Audio Description Equipment: Bosch Hellas
Welcome/Greeters: Katerina Sarantidou, Katerina Nianou

Accessibility Services: Liminal—Accessibility to Culture