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Yasmine Hamdan

This summer, Lebanese songwriter Yasmine Hamdan, "the modern face of the Middle East," is coming back to Athens, a city where she lived during her childhood.

Friday June 22, 20.30, Canal Stage

Yasmine Hamdan

She has been called "the modern face of the Middle East" and her contribution to the modern Arabic music is more than significant, since she came to the surface in the late 1990s. From then on, Yasmine Hamdan's career has become international, capturing the world - including Greece.

She blends indie rock and electro folk pop music, with traditional eastern sounds, while her performance on stage is spectacular. Her lyrics combine a variety of Arabic dialects, although she speaks English and French fluently, too. She is also a citizen of the world, having lived in Lebanon, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, France and Greece. Today, she is based in Paris.

This summer, Yasmine Hamdan is coming back to Greece for the Summer Nostos Festival. Athens, in fact, is a city Yasmine was always connected with, since she was living here with her family, after she left her country, Lebanon, because of the civil war there.

She has released six albums (three of them with Soapkills, the duet she had founded in her native Beirut –which must have been the first indie/electronic band to appear in the Middle East-, one more in collaboration with Mirwais (Arabology) and her two solo albums (Ya Nass and Al Jamilat). She has also collaborated with important artists, such as the Coco Rosie and Marc Colin (Nouvelle Vague), and participated in Jim Jarmusch's latest film, Only Lovers Left Alive, in which she has featured singing Hal, a song she wrote especially for the occasion.

Yasmine Hamdan