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American Contemporary Music Ensemble

A combination of classical and rock sounds by ACME.  

Tuesday June 19, 19.30, Alternative Stage GNO

American Contemporary Music Ensemble

The renowned American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME) presents a unique selection from John Cage’s Fontana Mix, honoring one of the most important American composers of the 20th century. ACME, which has risen to world prominence thanks to the virtuosity, passion and commitment with which it performs and champions American composers, as well as its combination of classical and rock sounds, will deliver a high quality artistic performance for the audience of Summer Nostos Festival.

ACME is led by internationally acclaimed Artistic Director Clarice Jensen, who will be presenting songs from her debut solo album, titled “For this from that will be filled”, for the first time in Greece.

Special appearances will also be made by American composer John Also Bennett, mezzo soprano Anna Pangalou and Greek- American composer Christina Vantzou, who has become known for her subtle and dissociative approach towards the concept of time in her performances. The concert will feature Laurie Spiegel's 1975 electronic classic The Expanding Universe transcribed by Clarice Jensen and Christina Vantzou and arranged for performance by ACME, with special guest performers Christina Vantzou, Anna Pangalou and John Also Bennett (World Premiere). The performance will also feature original projections by American digital media artist Jonathan Turner.


Pre-registration is required. Electronic pre-registration for the event will start on 11/6 at 13.00 here

*The event is fully booked. A waiting list will operate on the day of the performance, starting 30’ prior to the event’s starting time.