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The Barr Brothers

Barr Brothers will present their new work Queens of the Breakers.

Monday June 18, 20.30, Canal Stage

The Barr Brothers

Barr Brothers, a folk band from Montreal, Canada, present their new LP Queens of the Breakers live to the Summer Nostos Festival audience. The two brothers, Andrew (drums) and Brad (guitar/singing), take inspiration from the sounds around us and translate them into music by using a variety of musical instruments from all over the world - they particularly focus on the sounds produced by the devices we use in our everyday life.

They have been nominated twice for the JUNO Awards (Alternative Album of the Year, 2013 & 2015). For their most recent work, Queens of the Breakers, they spent a winter isolated in a remote town in Quebec, in order to write (songs) in a more collective and improvisational style. As a result, their album features a range of music genres - from American blues, to acoustic folk and psychedelic music.

There is a nice story behind the Barr brothers and their current career: In the spring of 2004, they were playing with their former band (The Slip) in a small club in Montreal, when a fire broke out in the venue. They grabbed a few guitars and drums, and rushed out with the rest of the concert goers. While the club was being swallowed by flames, Andrew offered his coat to one of the waitresses, because it was raining. This waitress is now one of their managers.