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Philippos Tsalahouris: Standing Requiem for the poet Anna Akhmatova

Composer Philippos Tsalahouris' opus Standing Requiem for the poet Anna Akhmatova revives the story of the iconic Russian poet.

Sunday June 17, 19.30, Alternative Stage GNO

Philippos Tsalahouris: Standing Requiem for the poet Anna Akhmatova

Compositor Phillip Tsalachouris' opus “Unseated Requiem for the poetess Anna Akhmatova” revives the story of an iconic and ever so relevant today woman of world history, the Russian poetess of the same name.

In the “Standing Requiem”, artists and spectators stand for the duration of the happening in honor of the poetess who stood in line for 17 months in front of Leningrad's prison, where the Stalin regime held her son, in order to punish her for her beliefs.

Akhmatova’s life began in pre-revolution Russia, and her work was made around 1910, and stroke to demonstrate that women were equal to men. Her work is permeated by the unharnessed sensuality of a liberated woman. The General secretary of the Comm-intern characterized her as “half nun and half whore.” As a matter of fact it is rumored that Stalin's daughter adored her, hence his relentless blackmail and ruthless hunt of her.

The image of the poetess standing in line was to become the symbol of an era. This tragic element is what Philippos Tsalachouris' oevre attempts to bring into evidence by highlighting the word “Standing”. A requiem which is based less on her poetry than on Akhmatova's stance towards the difficulties and obstacles that shaped her life.

Phillippos Tsalachouris, one of the most prolific compositors of his generation, whose works have been presented in many European countries, Asia and the United States, transfigures the intensely personal narrative of Akhmatova's poetry into an experience common to all of us.


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Admission is allowed to children over 12 years old

Note: This is a standing audience performance. Seating will not be available.

*The event is fully booked. A waiting list will operate on the day of the performance, starting 30’ prior to the event’s starting time